Newsletter 2017

This is my twelfth newsletter in a series of forty, or thereabouts, and this year perhaps more than ever, I have found myself looking back at the journey so far and wondering about the future possibilities. This has been a cathartic, momentous and thought-provoking exercise for me. Trying to capture all the significant happenings of Read More

Newsletter 2016

This year marks forty years of winemaking at Mount Mary. Our first commercial vintage was 1976… a lot of grapes have gone through the crusher since then! Over the years and across three generations there have been many different grapes, wines, techniques, machines and methodologies all of which have helped shape where we are today. Read More

Newsletter 2015

By a combination of good luck, mother nature and good management, we are still here! This is the 10th newsletter since my father, John, passed away on the 27th of June 2006. It seems an appropriate time to indulge in a little history, some light-hearted reflections and a couple of quotes for old times sake. Read More

Newsletter 2014

I have always felt a strong sense of belonging in this place. Here in this country, in this valley, and on this small yet beautiful hill. Having worked beside my father in establishing the vineyard, I spent a significant part of my early life at Mount Mary, a place that has now been home for Read More

Newsletter 2013

It’s a cold morning. Minus four outside, clear and calm and our beautiful valley, still asleep and frozen beneath a dusting of frost. Monet himself could not have asked for a more perfect scene. Indeed, he would have anxiously made a lot more of the moment than I. Being outdoors this morning is not for Read More

Newsletter 2012

The four 2010 wines are stunning and this year for the first time, all wines from the same vintage will be released together. In addition to this, the reclassifying of the 2009 reds will provide many with an opportunity to enjoy good wines from a bad season. The 2009 whites, which were released last year, Read More