Newsletter 2022

I was not expecting to be pandemic obsessed at this point. In fact, like many of us, the pandemic initially presented as just another short term disaster to be endured only as long as it took for the natural reparative processes, which we have so much faith in, to do away with the virus. It Read More

Newsletter 2021

Like me, I bet you were thinking that by now we would be living comfortably with this virus. Having got the major changes to the way we go about our daily lives sorted, having got used to the ever-presence of face masks (remember the initial doubt about their role?), having adjusted to the need to Read More

Newsletter 2020

When I began to write this newsletter I was faced with an immediate dilemma. Should I add to the daily incoming tide of Covid-19 related bad news? Do you need me to repeat all the numbers and observations that attest to the seriousness of the situation? Will you benefit from my opinion and analysis of Read More

Newsletter 2019

Once again the calendar has snuck up on me unannounced and I needed to be reminded that it is newsletter time. Too much daydreaming for me. I am indeed fortunate to have Claire and Sam to keep me on track. But who wouldn’t be tempted to daydream in this beautiful valley? The green rolling hills, Read More

Newsletter 2018

It’s mid-winter at Mount Mary as I write this, though not so bleak as in Christina Rosetti’s poem of 1872. The first verse will forever be in my mind and I wrote it down here, edit free, without reference to Wikipedia or any other form of knowledge fast food. I was a keen chorister as Read More

Newsletter 2017

This is my twelfth newsletter in a series of forty, or thereabouts, and this year perhaps more than ever, I have found myself looking back at the journey so far and wondering about the future possibilities. This has been a cathartic, momentous and thought-provoking exercise for me. Trying to capture all the significant happenings of Read More