Mount Mary is truly family owned and family operated. David, Victoria, Claire, Sam and Hugh are all involved in addition to David’s nephew Nick. Liz and Jane have been with us for many years and Kaspar’s family have been long time friends. Marco, our vineyard supervisor, also has many years at Mount Mary having worked with our labour contractors prior to gaining full time employment.

David Middleton


Photo of David Middleton

David worked with his father to establish Mount Mary and has been involved since day one. For many seasons he tended the vines which they had planted together in the early seventies. In addition to wine production, David's background includes work as a zoologist, research biologist, educator and veterinary surgeon. No longer involved in clinical practice, he maintains a professional connection as an Associate Professor in Veterinary Science at the University of Melbourne. David's other interests centre on community work in population health, social justice and philanthropic support for those in need. His passion for habitat protection and species conservation is reflected in his vision for Mount Mary. This future is built around the ongoing and inclusive family journey and the continuing production of elegant wines that age well and bring joy for many years to come. This vision is to be achieved in association with a program of environmental improvement as measured by soil health, water quality, biodiversity and a decreasing reliance on the use of chemicals for the control of disease, weeds and insect pests.

Sam Middleton

Senior Winemaker

Photo of Sam Middleton

Sam is a third generation wine maker from the Mount Mary family. He holds a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne as well as a degree in Wine Science from Charles Sturt University. His background includes employment at several significant producers including Coldstream Hills and Dominique Portet. Sam has gained experience in France working a vintage in Burgundy in 2009 and traveling extensively through other wine regions on a number of occasions since. Bordeaux in particular is of special interest to him as a result of its role in Mount Mary's history. Growing up in the Yarra Valley alongside his father and grandfather, grapes and wine have always been a part of life. He has always demonstrated a passion for primary production and has a deep respect for this region and its unique ability to produce world class wines.