The four 2010 wines are stunning and this year for the first time, all wines from the same vintage will be released together. In addition to this, the reclassifying of the 2009 reds will provide many with an opportunity to enjoy good wines from a bad season. The 2009 whites, which were released last year, have been very well received and will continue to improve with bottle age. I can confidently tell you that the recent string of difficult seasons is now behind us! Furthermore, the 2008 reds are drinking superbly and the 2008 Quintet, in particular, will continue to evolve handsomely for many years to come. Those that cellar this wine for a few more years will not be disappointed. Excitingly, this year, for those who choose to visit on our release weekends, we will be featuring a few of the older wines for you to taste even though they do not exist in large enough quantities to be offered for sale. In this way you will be able to participate in a mini-vertical!