By the time this newsletter is distributed it will be 30 years since we bought Mount Mary. It was an old farming property, never a vineyard, first selected in about 1852. We added Vineyard to the name that had been on the front gate for all that time, and started preparing the suitable ground for vines.

Who would have thought that our earlier plantings in the late 1950’s some 3 miles south of here would be a stimulus for such an explosion of vineyard expansion in the Yarra Valley? Those early efforts at winemaking confirmed that very good wines could be made in this valley and that the reputation of the wines of the previous century was no myth. It was our dream of course, but we never really imagined that it would become reality that the later Mount Mary Vineyard wines and other Yarra Valley wines would establish such a domestic and international reputation in the years to come. As we have gained wisdom, we learnt that if we continued to adopt best practices in viticulture, oenology and technology, our wines would continue to improve.