As this goes to the printer, we learn the Federal Government has made its decision on the recommendations made to it by the farcical wine inquiry. Little has changed after all the expenditure, wasted effort and time. None of the commissioners seemed able to comprehend the plot and like most such appointees to all such enquiries brought their fixed imprinted agendas and payed no real attention to the important issues submitted.

So in acting out these agendas a year later, we now know that the sales tax regime will stay for the moment at the very high ‘ad valorem’ level of 26%, it has already been raised another 2% again this year. Many other issues impinging on quality winemaking in Australia were totally ignored or more probably not comprehended. Only one commissioner knew anything about wine, what a joke! We will still have the outrageous stock valuation method for taxation purposes which obliges us to pay income tax three times for the red wines and twice for the whites! This country hasn’t a clue when it comes to the pursuit of excellence. One wonders what really motivates those people who speak for this industry. The submissions made to the inquiry were a total waste of breath and time.