The Middletons are glad that 1989 is coming to an end, the combination of a leg fracture and coronary bypass surgery seems enough for one year. The four wines however are very good and make up for all that, we are sure that you will enjoy them.

This year we welcomed Mario Marson B.Ag.SC., B.App.Sc.(Wine) back to work at Mount Mary. He left us in 1986 to setup the new winery at Long Gully Estate. We were so pleased, and without him we just do not know how we could have managed. The 1989 vintage was most difficult with the rain settling in after the Pinot Noir was picked, delaying ripening and even reversing sugar and acid levels for several weeks. Nevertheless we managed to make some wines of outstanding flavour and good colour and escaped the ravages of rotten grapes in all varieties except the Muscadel, which was not picked for this reason. The 1990 release Sauvignon will be a two wine blend.